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“It is the efficiency, the integration, and the record of data that I like most about Argos.” – Kim Cunningham, Access Finance Limited

Wholesale Investment

When offering bulk funding, term deposit and on call investment types you need a finance software that you can rely on – that software is Bailment by Argos Solutions.

Along with knowing how to manage these different investment types, the software also has some really strong core functionality, so make sure you check out the core modules link below.


Bulk Funding

This module is used where bailment assets are initially funded by the Financier, and then on funded by a separate Funding organisation.  A process allows the allocation of assets complying to preset rule to be automatically allocated to a Funder and then tracked.

On Call Investments

For funds invested with you that are for no set period, this module is ideal. Interest is accrued on a daily basis and charged to the account based on a user defined rest period. Interest profile flexibility allows multiple investment product offerings. Both debit and credit interest rates can be defined on a single interest profile.


Term Deposits

This module records investments that are for a fixed period of time. Investment periods are user defined and can be expressed as days, months or years.
The interest rate is fixed for the term of the deposit, although a lower rate can be applied to a broken deposit, or a fee applied.

Bailment Modules


Wholesale Finance


Core Modules