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As part of our commitment to providing you with comprehensive and responsive support, we also offer several services


There are benefits of being in the industry so long, and we like to pass these on to our clients. Benefits such as industry knowledge and contacts, and advice on cyclical behavior as we see it repeat itself.

Through our consulting and training we help our clients by imparting some of our industry knowledge and show how using Argos can help your business further. Also, we work on continuously enhancing our software to ensure it works for our clients through the fluctuations that may happen in the volatile finance sector.

Indepth Training

We ensure our training leaves you as a competent user of the software, being able to get the most out of the software from day one.


Expert Consultancy

Our experience and industry knowledge means we can evaluate your business processes and make useful recommendations.


Innovative Enhancements

To ensure our finance software packages remain market leading, we make regular enhancements, which as a customer you get for free.


External Interactions

To help with ease of access to the software, we supply web APIs that web developers can easier add into your website.