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When it comes to our software we very much treat it as needing continuous improvement. We have regular meetings with our developers to discuss what functionality we can improve/ introduce to the software.

We are also open to suggestions from our clients on how we can improve our software to keep it, even more, user-friendly and a market leader.

As a result of our frequent development meetings and clients feedback regular enhancements are made to our finance software. This helps ensure both Vault and Bailment remain market leading software, that is easy to use and they comply with legislative requirements.

Below are some examples of enhancements we have made from feedback ideas and client requests.

Examples of Enhancements

Here are some examples of enhancements we have done from clients – presenting the issue they were having, what solution we applied and the end result.

Arrears Processing Efficiency Improvement

6 new product features and enhancements were created.

Significant decrease in the time taken and reduced double entry requirements.

Improved Unit Fund Distribution Process

A new distribution process dialog was developed.

A much more streamlined and cost effective process.

Predicting Effects of Changing Interest Rates

We accurately created a new process that was introduced to the software.

Significant efficiency improvement and time saving was achieved.