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Vault by Argos Solutions

Vault is a fully integrated software solution that is so effective in running the business of a finance company, that it becomes the business.

Virtually everything you need to do will be done using the software.

It will process all of your financial transactions from the Cashbook all the way through to the General Ledger for monthly profitability reporting.


At least one of the following Account Modules will be required to run your lending and investment operations.

Fixed Loans

This module is designed to cater for principal and interest loans which have a fixed interest rate. Typical examples are Consumer Loans, Personal Loans and some Business Loans.

Variable Loans

This module is designed to cater for interest only compounding loans, interest only repaid loans, principal and interest loans (Table Mortgage) and hybrid loans.


This module will process both Operating Leases and Finance Leases in a way that will allow the account and related asset(s) to be accurately accounted for.

Term Deposits

This module records investments that are for a fixed period of time. Investment periods are user defined and can be expressed as days, months or years.

On Call

This module caters for funds invested with you that are for no set period. Interest is accrued on a daily basis and charged to the account based on a user defined rest period.

Unit Fund

This module keeps track of investments which are managed by numbers of units. Periodic distributions are made based on the average daily balance of each account.

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