7 Levinge Lane, Christchurch, NZ
“They understand the industry we are in and they understand the New Zealand lending market.” - Pat Coley, Cable Price


We are proud of the products and services that we offer, and all the features and benefits that are covered by them, which we have discussed on other pages.

However, now we want to tell you a little bit more about us, where Argos came from, the people behind the software and how to get in contact with us now you have learned how great we are!


About Us

This is where we tell you how long we have been helping finance providers, and by what methods – Giving you, even more, desire to become an Argos client.


Meet the Team

Put a face to the names and learn a little about the people behind the software.



It’s not always easy to keep on top of what is going on in the finance industry. To help we blog about what is going on and how it will effect the different markets we service.


Contact Us

We really are human and like to meet new people. If you think Argos is for you or you just have a question or two, please feel free to contact us.