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Bailment by Argos Solutions

Bailment Module

The Bailment module is used where floor plan finance is being provided to dealers to finance the stock they are selling.

Monthly, tax invoices are created for the amount of interest payable by the Distributor supplying the goods for sale, or the Dealer once the Free Floor Plan period has expired.

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Below are the different types of functionality that are within Bailment by Argos Solutions.

Along with these features, Bailment also comes with some really strong Core Modules, make sure you check those out via the link below.

Sophisticated Credit Control

Dealers will be assigned permanent credit limits. Temporary credit limits may also be established. Annually a dealer financial assessment may be undertaken by loading the details from their annual accounts. Significant financial ratios are automatically calculated to assist in the setting of credit limits.

Asset Loading

This may be undertaken manually, or through the import of a file that contains the relevant asset details. Where volumes of asset sales are high, the import process is very efficient.

Retail Contra

Where both retail and wholesale finance is supplied to a distributor by the same financier, when an asset is sold by a dealer the funds can be automatically applied to the dealer retail account.

Bailment Rules

Rules will be established for wholesale dealer relationships which include:
– Free Floor Plan period where the distributor pays the interest
– Early settlement rebate calculations
– Charging of default interest on arrears
– Curtailment processing

Cash Allocation

This functionality allows the allocation of cash payments to specific asset or interest invoices.

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Core Modules


Bailment for Distributors


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