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Vault Additional Modules

These additional modules provide extra functionality and are generally used in conjunction with specific core or accounts modules, or are used for processes that run over the fully integrated software solution.


This module will allow you to enter client, security and financial details, calculate repayments and then automatically populate all of this information into your loan documentation.

Batch Processing

This module allows automated processing of common tasks on a regular and/or monthly basis. Making many repetitive tasks as efficient as possible.

Dispatch Centre

This utility allows the automated emailing of communications and client related reports such as account summaries and statements. Reducing the manual processing required.


This module allows complete control over accounts you are due to pay and when you are going to pay them. It is fully integrated to the lending modules.


This module is fully integrated to the lease module so that independent control can be kept over debt collection of lease assets sold.

Quote Import

A module that assists with speedy and efficient quote generation for fixed loans, variable loans or leases. Having this capability is critical to ensure you capture a prospective borrower’s business.

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