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“Greg Beale is incredibly knowledgeable and incredibly understanding, as well as being very thorough.” – Matt Stevens, Allied Distribution Finance


As part of our commitment to you as an Argos Solutions client and providing you with comprehensive and responsive support, our consulting services include the following business process review, and procedural and database audit.


Business Process Review

We implement our software so it works in the best way for your business

Prior to software implementation we undertake a Business Process Review to gain an in-depth understanding of the way you work. We ask a series of questions on how your business works now and relating your replies to how each Argos module will be used to satisfy your business requirements. From the review, we obtain information that allows us to tailor your start up database to reflect the way you will use the system to achieve your desired results.

Procedural and Database Audit

For existing Argos Clients – An audit helps improve your use of the software

Over a period of time business models change, new processes are required, original database setups become redundant.
To satisfy client demand we have put together a formal process to audit your use of Vault or Bailment.
The audit will provide you with written recommendations that will improve your use of the software giving you greater business efficiencies.