7 Levinge Lane, Christchurch, NZ
In 1988 Argos Solutions began saving the Finance World...

…OK, not quite but we have saved a lot of admin time and money that Finance Providers would have spent, through providing them with our Finance Administration / Loan Administration Software.

The type of companies that benefit from Argos Solutions products typically offer lending, investment, and leasing. If that sounds like you then we would love to have you on board as an Argos client – Why? Well, we want to help your business succeed.

How do we do this?

By dealing directly with every client

We don’t work through dealers. You get to work with our delightful and very knowledgeable team directly.

By being open to suggestions

Suggestions of good wines to try as well as software development ideas, both are dealt with the utmost importance and accommodated as soon as is practical.

By using a fair pricing model

There is no scary software investment at the start nor is there unpredictable support charges. We work on a monthly fee basis that allows you to budget and also allows your staff not to be terrified of calling for support.

By supplying easy to use, logical finance software

“The simplicity of the product is the number one comment users come out with when they start using the software, it is logical to use and it just makes sense.” Matt Stevens, Allied Distribution Finance – say no more 🙂

By making you competent users of the Software

Either Greg or Shelly will deliver thorough onsite training to ensure all users become competent, and make the best use of the software.
Just a heads up Greg will crack some jokes, sometimes funny sometimes… not so funny – If you could try and laugh to make him feel good that would be appreciated.