7 Levinge Lane, Christchurch, NZ

Meet the Team

The Argos Team collectively have well in excess of 50 years experience in working with finance companies.

We are also a bunch of really nice friendly people. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Greg Beale


Greg’s initial involvement was as a Partner in a National Chartered Accountancy Practice and it was here that Argos Vault originated. In the late 1980s, Greg led a management buyout of the financial software business unit and has continued to support and shape Argos Solutions ever since.

Interesting Fact
Greg has climbed to the top of the 3rd Pyramid to see the sun rising over Cairo.

Shelly Robinson

Script Genius and General Superstar

Undertakes responsive client support, in-depth testing, consultancy and training services.

Interesting Fact
For years Shelly wanted a dog, so when she did get one, she got as much dog as she could – he weighs more than her (adult) daughter.

Katie Curry

Support Consultant

Assists with all aspects of support and administration work, from marketing material to system testing.

Interesting Fact
Katie is an absolute non runner who just booked her first half marathon in May 2019! Bring on the Saint Clair Half Marathon.

The Development Team

Our team of three in house developers is led by David Hill and includes, Matthew Berg and Gurdeep Singh. Collectively they shape the internal structure of our software, making sure our software suite stays at the top of its game and working efficiently. They do this by following best coding practices and design patterns while writing code, that is then thoroughly tested by Greg, Shelly or Katie.