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Market leading Loan Administration Software

Argos Solutions provide market-leading loan administration software for finance providers operating within the retail and wholesale lending, leasing and investment markets, predominantly in the Australasian region.

We have been providing financiers with reliable, innovative finance software for 30 years. We believe lasting 30 years in the competitive software industry shows we are Accessible, Reliable, Genuine, Organised and Successful.

Our finance software can handle fixed and variable loans, operating leases, finance leases, maintained leases, non-maintained leases, and wholesale finance (floor plan finance/ bailment/ unit finance/ inventory finance).

Work Better

We help finance providers be more efficient and profitable, through providing accurate finance admin software and expert support.

“Without Argos, we wouldn’t have had time to take on new clients, or we would’ve had to invest in new staff to take on the extra work.”
Grace Lim, Christian Savings



Our core success to helping finance providers is supplying accurate and reliable Finance Administration Software they can trust.

“When choosing a new software company you need a survivor that is still going to be here next year and the year after looking after your problems and improving their system where they can. When it comes to Argos I think is going to be around for a long time because it has got such a good team behind it.”
John Dewar, We Care Finance


Continuously Improving

Regular software enhancements from user requests, regulatory requirements and internal ideas ensure the software is a market leader and is easy to use.

“We needed a software that was affordable but updateable and not something was going to be defunct in a short period of time.”
Pat Coley, Cable Price


We provide, no obligation advice and demonstrations throughout Australasia

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