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Norfolk Mortgage Management Limited

Craig Urquhart

About Norfolk Mortgage Management Limited

Auckland based Norfolk Mortgage Management Limited (NMML) has been providing mortgage finance and regular income distributions to unit fund investors since 2004.   Last year it took over the lending and investment ledgers of Professional Mortgage Investment Trust (PMIT), at that time PMIT had been operating Argos Vault to administer their business.


Choosing Argos

Craig Urquhart, a Director of Norfolk Mortgage Management Limited began using Argos Solutions software back in 2004 for another finance entity.  At that time, when looking for the right finance software they went to market and looked at a number of participants, and they elected to go with Argos Solutions.  “Our primary concern was both a strength and a weakness and it was in relation to the size of Argos. We were concerned that Argos didn’t have a large number of clients at the time which we perceived as a weakness, but we also perceived it as a strength on the basis we would get a better service, and it has proven to be correct of the personal service that we have achieved out of the business” says Craig.

Once the functionality of Argos Vault in relation to the Unit Fund Investor model was understood, Craig had full confidence in recommending the continued use of Argos for the business of NMML.   The software is now used to administer the old PMIT ledgers and the existing NMML ledger which has now been loaded into Argos.



Craig had the confidence to go ahead with Argos Solutions after meeting company Founder and Director Greg Beale and saw his high level of understanding of the finance sector, and his ability to modify the software if it was so required. “We felt important as a customer of Argos versus potentially a smaller cog with a larger provider where an off-shore solution was all that was available” says Craig.


Straightforward and logical Software

Argos Solutions’ software “is relatively straightforward and logical, I mean every piece of software has its idiosyncrasies, but Argos has been put together by somebody who has industry knowledge. Versus software trying to run the business, you have software which is run by the business. [Also] the reporting functionality in particular is a benefit; just on the whole the ability to pull out information is pretty darn good” says Craig.


Flexible and high level of service

“When looking for a new finance software provider it is important to recognise that your business will change and your software provider needs to change with you. It needs to be small enough and malleable enough to make those changes with your business, and Argos has been that company for us. We recommend Argos Solutions to other finance companies primarily because of the level of service I have enjoyed of the past 13 years” Says Craig.

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